The HB Bank Luxury Box was manufactured for the New Year's gift to HB customers. The packaging is intended for packaging the statue.

The box is made of laminated cardboard coated with 135 gsm black design paper. The application is copper foil.


The Luxury HB Bank box was manufactured for the purpose of opening the Porto Novi Resort in Kumbor. The packaging is designed to pack Visa card.

The box is made of lined cardboard coated with offset printed 135 gsm coated paper, refined with plastic and UV printing.



Purchased by Triton Poker China, a custom made trophy box. The packaging is designed so that the trophy has its own 3D holder that it relies on, and easily pulls out.

Material: 2.5mm laminated cardboard coated with black Imetlin. Gold foil print aply. An envelope for the cover letter and a check for the winner of the tournament were made next to the box.

The box is one unit and the shutter is a magnetic mechanism.

3D metal letters

Client: Hotel Regent, Porto Montenegro.

The letters were made to indicate the room number. Material is a pattern. Technique - Cast Bronze.


Ordered by Porto Montenegro Pool Club. Brochure made for presentations at trade shows. The materials are luxury design paper Blue 4/0 printed with three colors of folio. Inside Fenix motion paper 150 gsm, offset printed 4/4. Binding booklet quilted.

Porto Brosura OPT.jpg

Hospitality program

Luxury hotels also need luxury printed products. For the Vissi D'arte Hotel Budva, the design was done by the Wollson London agency. Production and printing Studio Mouse Podgorica.

Holetl Material.jpg


Client: Fidelity consulting Podgorica. The box is intended for packaging of promotional material for the purposes of the Public Procurement Seminar at NATO Forces.

The material is 2mm laminated board, coated with design paper - Imetlin blue. Dry stamp and silver foil stamp application.

Cover holder - red foil / made and optional with gold foil /.


Ordered by Porto Montenegro. The inside of the catalog is made on 150 gsm Fenix white paper, the print in color, the cover of the bookbinding cloth is lined on a cardboard 2.5 mm. Application, folio print in blue and gold and blindfold.


Lately, there has been an increasing demand from clients for luxury business cards. According to the request, they can be divided into several types. Color business cards are still commonly ordered, but design papers are increasingly taking over and printing techniques vary accordingly. Most often, it is a two or more color print. Also, single-layer and multi-layer are increasingly in demand, where the middle is dominated by the corporate color layer.

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